For the past decade, the Pele team has maintained an excellent working relationship with the City of Elliot Lake, its Mayor and elected council. We have received strong backing from council including letters of support, the grant of a long-term lease for our formerly-held Eco Ridge project, and a council resolution supporting our former monazite processing initiative.

We consider ourselves a part of the community, participating and providing support for many events including the Elliot Lake & District Chamber of Commerce annual trade show and Golf Tournament, ELNOS Sustainable Development Regional Roundtable, Elliot Lake Santa Claus Parade, Elliot Lake Food Bank, Elliot Lake Bobcats, and Elliot Lake Entertainment Series. We have often employed local residents on our projects in Elliot Lake.


We are proud of our corporate record of early and transparent engagement with the indigenous communities in whose traditional territories our projects are located.

We have enjoyed a meaningful, respectful, and long-term relationship with Serpent River First Nation (SRFN), whose traditional lands encompass our formerly-held Eco Ridge property. Over our many years in the region, we have maintained clear and regular communication with the Chief and council and have provided presentations on our activities to the community.

We have appreciated the opportunity to meet with community members, including elders and youth. We have actively participated in community programs such as SRFN Heritage Week, SRFN Annual Education Awards Celebration, SRFN annual pow-wow, SRFN Economic Development Golf Tournament, Little Serpents Hockey Team, and People Achieving Life Skills (PALS).

We have also maintained an excellent relationship with neighbouring Mississauga and Sagamok First Nations, as well as the Mamaweswen, North Shore Tribal Council, which represents the First Nations Communities on the north shore of Lake Huron. We have provided both funding and participated in North Shore Tribal Council’s Environmental Youth Leadership Program.

We also recognize the special place of the Métis and the important contribution that they have made to the historical and cultural development of the region. We have provided regular updates and have made several presentations to local and regional representatives of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO).

Martin Cooper, President and CEO of Pele Mountain, is a professional archaeologist with close ties to many indigenous communities and organizations in Northern Ontario. Through his firm, Archaeological Services Inc., he has provided cultural heritage services to First Nations and Métis communities across the Province.